Rental vehicles are always more convenient and affordable. However, the related costs can be quite perplexing. Also, when you’re putting up in Canada and looking to have luxury SUV rental in Toronto, we suggest you evade the common mistakes usually made by the hiree(s).Read on.


It is not recommended to purchase extra insurance that you won’t use later. In fact, if you’ve already have an auto insurance policy, it provides you with necessary personal liability and (collision) damage when you rent a car. Henceforth, you should definitely see it before renting a car or van, so can avoid extra insurance coverage expenses.

Renting Around Airport:

Some people rent a vehicle near airports and end up paying huge airport surcharges. Thus, it’s better to rent a car from a service provider that’s situated away from the airport. It will surely save you some extra cost.

Compare Prices:

You must look for different car/van rental providers. The prices usually vary based on brands, lead time, or services offered. Thus, check several companies and their prices to fetch the best deal. There are several websites that may assist you to make quick comparisons and make the best decision.

Cut Down Extra Cost:

Some rental companies charge extra for the route navigation system, child car seats, etc. So, it is recommended not to pay the additional cost instead you can use your smartphone GPS to locate places.

Make Proper Inspection

Some people overlook inspecting the rental vehicles as they presume them to be in the right condition. Rather the hiree must be cautious enough to scrutinize the vehicle properly and to keep a check for any kind of wear & tear, dents, scratches, stains, etc.

So, these are the mistakes one should pay heed to before taking up the keys of a rental vehicle. If you’re looking for one, you can check Yellow Car Rental company that offers premium and luxury cars, vans, and SUV rentals in Vancouver and in Toronto. Besides it, the organization offers a 24/7 airport transfers facility for travelers. Furthermore, its rental services prove to be perfect for road trips, for an outing, weekend fun, and holidays.